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Friday, April 9, 2010

Keyboard Confessions

Every week I sit down and confess some things. Mostly it's just an excuse to write a list.

1.  So I was playing this word game on my iPrecious the other day.  I spelled the word FRIEND.  Then I took away a letter and spelled FRIED.  Then I switched out another letter and spelled FIEND.  In some cosmic way, this was the universe telling me that RNs are important.

2.  Also, I really need a nap.

3.  Also, I spend too much time on my iPrecious.

4.  It's Friday.  That means:

get your freak on friday

5. You need to do your self a favor and run to Transient Pod and watch the video she's posted.  Seriously.  Do it.  You.are.welcome.

6. My choice for today:

7.  Some trivia?  What's the name of the club he's singing and walking his way in to?  It's called, what Kearsie suffers from at least three times a year.

8.  Also, he works so hard from 9 to 5?  Maybe he needs to get a job that he works 8 to 5.  Then it'll be full time.  With benefits.  THEN she'll have the finer things in life.  Just a suggestion.

9.  I dunno why I even bother to listen to lyrics.  That's when I just crank up some Come On, Eileen, and listen to babbling possiblely Irish jibber jabber.  Sometimes ignorance is blissful and toe tapping.

10.  It's all about mushrooms.  For my kitchen.  Or pizza.  Not to smoke.  Or eat.  Or inject.  Or whatever.

11.  Speaking of fungus, I am suspicious of a spot on my toe.

12.  *echo echo*

13.  You say the words "fungus" and "toe" and it'll clear the room. 

14.  That's ok.  Now I won't have to use any Febreze.

15. Also, at work?  It was smelly?  So my coworkers bought some Glade plug-in thingies?  Yeah. They remind me of morning sickness.  Which makes me about 15% queasy.

16.  Ok, quick experiment.  *GAG*  <---- how many of you gagged when I said *GAG*? 

17.  Also, another experiment.  Does anyone else think that the lunar cycle thingy is out of alignment?  Because everyone I know is hormonal.  And experiencing (menfolk, close your eyes for a sec) irregular cycles.  Let's study this and become rich and famousy. 

18.  Or, maybe we should just curl up with a good book/rerun of Step Up on TV/some knitting.

19.  Those are my weekend plans.

20.  It's a good thing I work hard from 8 to 5 so my family can have the finer things in life, like a new bag of pretzels and some toilet paper. 

Have an outstanding weekend.


Bossy Betty said...

Those word games are what will keep your brain young (or and you in an institution.)!

Aunt Vam said...

I won a quilt class because of my ability to unscramble words!

tristan said...

1. i don't know the name of that club. but i'm guessing mania. i'm right. huh.

2. stop listening to his lyrics. it's bobby brown. that should have stopped you dead in your tracks.

3. shrooms. groovy, man.

:: gag :: I smite thee, Kearsie Murphy.

Sara said...

MTV was banne din my house. hence, I have never seen a Bobby Brown video. Somehow, my life is more complete now. Thank you dear fiend. Fried. Friend.

Dee Crowe said...

ha..the only thing bobby brown ever worked hard for was makin Whitney a crack ho...also, toe fungus can be easily cleared up with a little windex...

I once stayed at a super 8 that had a plug ins in the wall..it smelled like dead flowery cigarettes...or I imagine it would smell like Bella after a hot night....whaaaa?
See what happens when I'm given internet access while on allergy meds?

Traci said...

We was almost funky before Whitney and she was totally cool before Bobby. How'd that happen?

And #17--Lunar cycles. Sssh. It's the men that it's affecting. I've been working with a couple of male yatches all week. What is up with that?

Cynthia said...

Just wanted to tell you I'm still reading and thanks for the shout out a couple weeks ago!

Shell said...

Rich and famousy? Let's do it! :)

robin said...

1. You are awesome.
2. I feel like writing a list too.
3. I am going to use your blog to do it.
4. I prefer "Every Little Step"
5. I suck at word games and have quit playing them.

Much More Than Mommy said...

After seeing Bobby Brown, all I can think of his reality show with Whitney, which makes me think of "crack is whack, y'all." And it is, so at least I learned something from them.

Insanitykim said...

The club is called Dental Visits? I am confused. That sounds terrible.

And #8...hahahahha! That was way witty. Remember, crack is whack!

I found sticker mushrooms...where where they? Will find them again.

GAG! Not me, just like to make others gag.

*whispers* ellip...

MiMi said...

Okay, all of your confessions are awesome. As usual. BUT, I was looking at the video and I kept thinking it said Booby Brown. Booby! Gah.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

angie128 said...

I don't like mushrooms. But I do like the "word game".

Double Wide Mom said...

I'd like to see or do a study on post-natal morning sickness. There are still some things that I just see or barely smell and I get that "Not this again!' queaziness.

w said...

you went and bobby browned it. you went and be'd cruel.

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