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Friday, April 2, 2010

Keyboard Confessions - The Good Friday edition

1.  Today is Good Friday.  Do any of you know what this means?  No, it's not just a government holiday.  In fact, if you know what it is you'll be surprised that the government even recognizes it.

2.  Currently, I'm at home with my kiddos.  We're attempting to make our house fit for human inhabitation. Thus far, I think the dirty laundry is attempting a coup.  I must show that laundry who's boss.  And by that I mean, make my kids do some laundry.

3.  Don't even gasp at my home management skills.  They gotta learn it some time.  Also, all that dirty underwear wasn't worn by me.

4.  Guess what?  It's also Get Your Freak On Friday hosted by Transient Pod.  Today I'm feeling mellow and chill.  That means no Billy Idol yelling rebelliously.  Nay.  Today's toe tapping, head bobbing song is by The Sundays.

5.  Dear Harriet,  I think I love your hair, your voice and your decision to leave music to raise babies.  You are hero-worthy.  Love, Kearsie who's bobbing her head to your dulcet tones.

6.  I think everyone needs to do one or more of these things to keep life in perspective:  get yelled at by your boss, bounce some checks and experience car trouble where you're stranded at home.  Then you need to give thanks for what you do have.  Perspective.

7.  Today I gave my kids an early Easter present.  I got them one of these:

It's a Skip Ball.  Or, a foot hula.  Or something to trip on.

8.  Ya'll should've seen me trying to show how to use it.  Also, those are way hard to use.  Actually, I'm glad that no one saw me trying to show how to use it.  

9.  I also got my kids each a baton.  Or, what will most likely end up, a sibling beating tool.  

10.  I made my bed this morning.  If I get nothing else done the rest of the day, I can say I did something.  Low expectations.  

11.  Today feels like the perfect day to eat only popcorn.  It's like, my life is a movie.  Also, I'll bet my soundtrack is a hit.  

12.  I made a bowl.  That is all.  

13.  I also made jello.  

14.  I made super jello.  Like, the kind you could toss up in the air and maybe bat around with a baton kind of jello.

15.  I'm thinking of taking my kitchen shears and hacking off my hair.  It can't look any worse, people.

16.  My elliptical is staring at me.  I think it's feeling ignored.  Poor thing.  Poor expensive thing.  Is that an oxymoron?

17.  You know, I always forget I have a butt chin until I see a pic of myself.  Why, God?  Why?

18.  Perspective.  At least I have a chin.  A chinny chin chin.  A big, bulbous butty chin.

19.  Does anyone else own a copy of the Passion of the Christ at home and feel The Guilt because you don't ever want to watch it again but felt the need to own it?  

20.  I think my popcorn will go nicely with some Lord of the Rings.  Not Eastery, but still full of hobbity goodness.

Happy Good Friday.


MiMi said...

I always forget how fat I am until I see a picture of myself....
Then I'm like, "WHO IS THAT FAT CHICK????"
Or, I always forget how annoying my voice is until I hear it. Then I'm like, "WHO IS THAT SQUAWKY THING????"
Oh yeah, that's me. I'm so annoying.
You made a bowl?
You haven't sent my books yet, have ya? I need to go get a 20 for ya. I'm such a loser I haven't got to get a 20 yet!!!

Bossy Betty said...

Thanks for this list. Hope the popcorn was good! I totally endorse popcorn days!

Shell said...

LOL @ poor expensive thing!

Happy Easter!

Miss Fit said...

#7 - I'm a terrible mom. We're going to 3Play on Monday, so does that make up for not getting them Easter Baskets and gifts? We may also go skiing sat.

Donate or sell #16 and abuse the ones at a gym. It's what I do.

#17 - At least you don't look like that guy on Mind Freak...Cris...what ever his last name is. HE has a butt chin and its very distracting.

I don't own #19 for the same reason. It was terrible. I watched it when I was pregnant. Oh, the horror! It's mentally scarring.

connie said...

1. We have lots of laundry on our couch. I pretend it's a slipcover
2. Billy Idol's "White Wedding" was blaring in the background when I had my first kiss. mmm-hmmmm.
3. We used to call that toy a Lemon Twist when I was a kid. Cuz the balley thingey was shaped like a lemon. And...I broke our overhead light in the den w/my baton when I was 7. Just so you know. Don't toss them in the house.
4. I love you cuz you are just so you. and I've told you that before. but it's worth repeating.
5. Happy Easter Three Hours Drive Away Friend.

Dee Crowe said...

I hear ya on the laundry...mine multiplies and then mocks me.

#6...been there done that..the minute I take anything I have for granted is the minute I hope someone smacks me really really hard

Popcorn rocks..fo shizzle

Dee Crowe said...

ack..went to comment but comment disappeared...don't think blogger or mr linky like me today..oh well..I'll start over *glares at the people groaning*

#6--been there done that..the minute I start taking anything I have for granted is the minute I hope someone smacks me very very hard

Laundry is evil and is only best ignored by shoving under a bed...the only problem with this is even when you stop shoving stuff under there,,,it starts multiplying on its own...

Popcorn rocks..fo shizzle

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

Hey ... you wanna have some real fun- invite some friends over for cocktails and then try that little skip ball thing out- get the camera- I wanna see pictures ;-)

Much More Than Mommy said...

I always forget about my forehead wrinkles until I post a video that showcases them to their fullest glory. *raises eyebrows* *puts eyebrows down quickly so the lines will go away* *cries when the lines don't go away*

Matty said...

You are right, and it is a wonder that the government recognizes it.

It's all about perspective. I think I have problems? Nothing compared to the homeless person, or the guy without legs, or the person who lost their job or had a death in their family. Yeah....I have no problems.

tristan said...

ummm. butt chins are cool. so is jello. orange jello. i don't "do" skip balls. or pogo sticks. or trampolines. these things are from the devil. sent to torment people with boobs, butts, and cheeks like bread dough.
oooh. the sundays. good choice.

Double Wide Mom said...

Totally relate to the Passion of the Christ thing! I'm a pastor's wife for goodness sakes but I never want to see it again! And we had those skippy things with a plastic lemon on the end. Called them Lemon Twist.

Anonymous said...

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