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Friday, April 23, 2010

Keyboard Confessions - the allergy edition

Every week I sit down and confess some things.  Mostly it's just an excuse to write a list.

1.  I have a green car.  Underneath all the pollen the paint is green too.

2.  It's not rained in forever. In honor of that, I'm selecting this week's offering to The Transient Pod's Get Your Freak On:


3.  I need me a lava lamp, I think.

4.  Guess what? It's super hard to remove dark purple nail polish. 

5.  Also hard is putting on green eyeshadow. 

6.  Why do I try, folks?  Seriously.  Because purple skin and walking around looking like I just got a black eye is so not the look I'm going for.

7.  Neither is looking like muffins and bagels and other pastry items are spilling over my jeans, but that's another post for another day.

8.  A special birthday shout out to my friend Connie!!!  Also, whenever I see a black glove I'll think of you, just after the creeped out feelings disappear.  Because I'm still creeped out by the black glove.

9.  Speaking of creeped out, lemme tell ya'll about this phone call I got yesterday at work:

Phone rings
Me:  Good morning, Importanty Lawyer's Office.
Creepy Guy:  Who am I speaking with?
Me:  This is Kearsie
CG:  What a beautiful voice you have!
Me:  ....Um, thanks?
CG:  Are you as pretty as your voice?
Me:  ...Um, I dunno?
CG:  I suppose it's a matter of opinion.  Answer me one question, do you have long hair or short hair?
Me:  ...Um, does it matter?
CG:  *click*
Me:  *skeezed out*

10.  Yes I washed my hands, eyes and ears after that disgusting conversation. 

Cutting it short today, hoping for rain, and a lava lamp. 

Happy weekend.


Sara said...

This song reminds me of high school. *sigh*.

I was wearing aqua polish on my toes. Now I look like the Lamasil monster lives under my big toenail.

So I feel your pain.

Cassie said...

Dark red nail polish is also super hard to come off. That doesn't stop me from wearing it though.

Kelly said...

FYI.... If you put a clear coat on your nails before the red or purple or glitter nail polish you should be able to remove it easier.

MiMi said...

Next time try purple eyeshadow and green polish! :)
The purple nail polish IS impossible to get off without looking like a grape for a few days.
That was lame. I was trying to think of something purple...I kept thinking of Violet Beauragard (or however you spell that) from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Okay. I'll be done now.

Rochelle said...

wahoo - 30 confessions for next week! I love the bumblebee girl ;)

tristan said...

ah yes. jean spillage. i'm currently at "stack of tires" on that pastry list. yes. off the charts. ::crawls back under table::


Bossy Betty said...

Happy Weekend to you too!

I am all for the Lava Lamp. It makes everything better.

Traci said...

I think I'm considerably older than Sara, because this song reminds me of my first marriage. huh. *lost in thought for a moment* You know, I had a lava lamp when I was first married, too. Okay, now I'm sorta freaked out. :)

Dee Crowe said...


Embrace the muffin top...its good insulation during the cold months...erm..yeah..well that's what I keep telling myself! What...oh now everyone is looking at me and making that face...

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

EWWWW! That was gross! Who calls up random businesses and does that?

Well, I guess creeps do that.

EWWW!! had to say it again for effect.

angie128 said...

My daughter had a lava lamp. I loved watching it. It fell off the bookcase and broke. Lava everywhere. It was a disaster. The end.

Anonymous said...

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Double Wide Mom said...

Funny, funny, creepy, weird, creepy, funny. Its raining here this morning. YAY! Now we have a wet, muddy mess but at least its wet!

Miss Fit said...

My theme song is apple bottom jeans...still looking for the boots with the fur. Creepers need to be banned from telephone usage. I had a guy call and ask if I rubbed groins. Ummm...

Aunt Melissa said...

I just finished putting this teal color of nail polish on Elly - love having a girl...

I'm sure the make-up is going to follow shortly - ah!!!

Anonymous said...


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Insanitykim said...

Man, I was just trying to make friendly conversation. And I have a cold. Don't judge.

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