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Friday, June 28, 2013

I've been making stuff that's sew rad!!

Ok, so, mildly cheesy blog title.  Also the name of my new shop!  That's Sew Rad.  After all these months, nay- YEARS of saying I'd open an etsy shop, I've finally done it.

It all started with this guy:

It's a camper toaster cover (hence why there is a toaster in the picture) and it's super swell!  Definitely a conversation piece.  Can be customized for a variety of colors.

There's also these:

iPad sleeves, which are super fun, and continues with the whole camper theme.  As if just carrying an iPad around doesn't make you the envy of passersby, this sleeve is guaranteed to make them EVEN MORE JEALOUS.  And isn't that the point? No?  Hmm.  Also can be customized to a variety of colors.

And for those who aren't keen on making ostentatious gestures such as having large campers resting on their countertops, or carrying them around so that others will be jealous, I've got these:

Camper keychains, which are so sweet.  Perfectly sized, lightweight.  Very fun way to tell the world "THESE ARE MY KEYS."  Twelve different colors to choose from.  Great gift idea, even if it's just a gift for yourself!  To view them, visit my shop!
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