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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top 3 Things Thursday

It's that time again!!!  It's Thursday!!!  And that means...

Can I get a woot woot?  This is Top 3 Thursday, brought to you by the fine ladies at Confessions from a Working Mom and The (Un)Experienced Mom

And today's question is...

What are your top 3 favorite things about spring?

1.  Daisies. 

Seriously, is there a happier flower?  I think not. 
I adore all flowers.  I can't grow them to save my life, but it only makes me appreciate when other people grow them.  Especially daaaaiiiissssiiieeesssss.

2.  The Sun

There's this great thing called The Sun.  Have you heard of it?  Yeah.  It's nice. It warms the bones.  It makes daisies and other weeds grow.  It's niiiice.  Around July I think it tends to get kind of full of itself and needs to tone it down a bit.  But otherwise, I'm a huge fan of the sun.  It should start coming out and doing it's warming up thingy round these here parts in the next few weeks.  *rubbing my hands in anticipation*

And lastly...

3.  Geocaching

"Eh?" you say?  Well, let me explain. 
See, Geocaching is like a global treasure hunt.  You use a GPS to find treasures that are logged in to the main website and it's up to you to find them.  Often there are little log books or tiny wee scrolls to sign your name or initials, sometimes you trade a treasure that's inside a tube for a treasure of your own. 
And it is so.much.fun.  My kids adore it.  We didn't discover geocaching until late fall and then winter came and did her "I'll make it so cold all you want is a Snuggie" thingy and the very last thing we wanted to do was traipse through the wilderness or the Dollar General parking lot hunting for a hidden two inch tube.  So, for our family, spring means the rebirth of The Hunt for Hidden Things called Geocaching. 

And so, fair reader, what are your favorite things about Spring?  Also, if you chose to do a post on this, don't forget to link up with the McLinky thingy on Confessions from a Working Mom's post!!









w said...

geocaching scares me. mainly because i don't even know how to pronounce it.

you know what i like about spring? food. but that's my answer for every season.

Dee Crowe said...

I just threw open my window and yodeled...seriously...

Thank goodness you explained the geo thing...I was confused..but it sounds like fun!

Much More Than Mommy said...

I love daisies! Mostly gerbera daisies, so pretty!

S.L.N. said...

Have to agree the sun is fantastic!!Found you on Confessions- Oh, and BTW, I LOVE tomatoes!!

Kaz and Amy said...

geocaching is so fun! Love your post! Have a great Thursday!


ElegantSnobbery said...

Oooh! I've heard of Geocatching ... but I've never done it. Methinks I'll have to give it a shot! I'm hopeless when it comes to finding stuff, though. I can't even find the cup of coffee I was drinking 3 minutes ago...

Shell said...

I've heard of geocaching, but never done it. Might need to try it!

robin said...

1~the sun.....staying in the sky for more than a few precious hours.
2~camping....the mosquitoes aren't out yet! it is still a little chilly, but the mosquitoes up here are HUGE. i will take "chilly" over being attacked by bible plague sized mosquitoes.
3~the school year almost being over. i can taste freedom in the air around april 1st.

Amy said...

We are letterboxers--it's like geocaching except with clues instead of gps coordinates (at least that's what I think the difference is). We love, love, love it. We are looking forward to spring, too, so we can go trudging through the woods in search of little boxes filled with rubber stamps!
Oh, and I heart daisies too.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I have never heard of geocaching-- it sounds really cool, though! I loved your explanation. I'm off to Google it (my solution for everything these days!) to find out more about it!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Loving Wife, Working Mom said...

1. The Sun... my white-pasty legs miss him the most.

2. Outside... so I can send my kids there and not have to clean up coats, wet socks and shoes behind them or hear them whine about how cold it is.

3. My vegetable garden... I stood drooling for so long at Walmart in front of the garden section that I was given a mop.

The Retired One said...

Oh,I have SO many more than three..
1. crocuses
2. tulips (I have over 900 planted in my yard)
3. green grass
4. Spotting the first robin
5. Hearing the first flock of geese flying south again
6. kites
7. sunshine and everything melting
8. the local dairy queen opening back up for spring
9. feeling the garden dirt in my hands
10. Seeing all the plants poking up through the ground again
11. daffodils
12. washing the car outside in the warm sun during the first spring day
13. our lake's ice melting and having the first day of all water again, sparkling right outside my door
14. Putting the dock back out again
15. The first pontoon ride back out on the lake in the spring
16.Going fishing again
17. Hiking to see all the wildflowers in the woods and getting to photograph them!

I could go on and on.
Can you tell I am READY????


kearsie, sorry for the late heads up but tomorrow is your top blog of the week day. would you mind adding a little blurb to your friday post so when my followers come by hey know they have the right gal? thanksomuch

leigh said...

Geocaching sounds like something my crazy kid would love.

As for me and my love of springy things...I love wearing a sundress with flip flops.

Anonymous said...

gee, I expected your cousin to pipe in here on geocaching.. Oh well, there's still time.

other than that, I'm allergic to the sun, so... I don't especially like it, but I love the warmth.

Too Many Hats said...

Spring means party time here - my anniversary, my dad's anniversary, my hubby's bday, and my youngest's bday - party on - excellent.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I have to try geocaching. I only got a GPS last year... and haven't got round to using it in anger yet.

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Geocaching...wow - that is totally NEW to me! I first have to get a GPS though, huh?

Thanks for playing our game!


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