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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dude.  I've practically forgotten how to blog.  And sitting here in my new digs, things just feel all weirdy.

But here's what I've noticed here in the Coloradoes:

1.  Making out with my dishwasher was fun the first time.  Now it's just work.  Kind of like marriage.  Oh snap.

2.  Just kidding, Hubs.  Erm.  Also, little dishwasher detergent cube thingies?  Best invention ever.

3.  Our laptop was stolen within the first like, 17 hours of being here.  Everyone is a suspect.  Even the old lady down the block.

4.  There are people everywhere.  Suddenly, being clothed is a necessity.  Those aren't cows outside those windows.

5.  The Pool:  where I wish I had a Beach Towel Snuggie.

6.  Our garage is reallllllly tiny.  Like, I suspect by the end of the year I'm going to shear the side mirrors right off my car.

7.  We have valet trash service.  I know.  Fancy.  It's ok to be jealous.

8.  We got innernets and cables today.  I almost busted into tears and hugs for the Cable Man.  But I was too busy calming down my kids because...

9.  ...Hello, we live on the top floor.  And apparently my kids only know how to jump, hop or leapfrog to and fro.

10.  I bought all these great vegetables at the Farmer's Market.  Now I just have to actually cook and eat them.  Man, feeling accomplished sure does take a lot of effort.

11.  Locker hooking.  Not that kind of hooking.  The arts and crafts kind of hooking.  I'm doing it.  My kitchen floor will thank me.  Or, my kitchen floor will just be glad to have a buffer for spills and crumbs from the kids.  Either way, I'm on it, kitchen floor.

12.  I can throw a rock and hit a store.  But I shan't throw rocks because it's just way too hot to do much more than turn pages in a book.  Give me until around October.

13.  We tried to feed the neighborhood rabbits some organic carrots.  They were none too impressed.  I'll bet if we threw them chunks of cake they'd be happy.  I know I'd be happy if someone threw chunks of cake into my mouth.  Caaaake.

14.  Carpet under the dining room table.  I know.  I think the apartment owners are stupid too.

15.  I priced a Dyson yesterday.  I might be able to purchase one by the year 2015.  *here's hoping*

16.  We're going to have to buy like, 37 more bookshelves to house all our books.

17.  We're going to have to buy like, 37 more pieces of cake.

18.  I'm going to have to spend like, 37 more hours in the gym.

19.  Dude.  I have *got* to learn to write outside of a list format.

20.  I found my camera and my Edward doll.  He still has his scarf.  Some of you are really happy and some of you are scratching your head.  Just get ready.

Happy...um, what day is it anyways?


ElegantSnobbery said...

Yay, you're back! You were missed, my friend.

ElegantSnobbery said...

Also, snuggie towel? INVENTION! Go! Do it! Make one! Patent it! Call it something like The Towelie. or is that too much like the pot smoking towel from South Park? idk. But make your millions in a snuggie towel and then use your millions to shower me in books for no reason other than I like books and you like me.

Best plan EVER.

MiMi said...

Thank God you have Edward! And take his scarf off before he dies of heat stroke!!
Off to find some cake...

Valarie said...

I miss my Kristin/ Caresie/ Kiersten/ Karrissa/ Kimberly.....

Sara said...

Oh My Goodness. You're BBAACCCCKKKK!!!!! I missed you so! Also, now I want cake. So thanks for that.

Much More Than Mommy said...

Laptop stolen? Seriously?! No fun! So glad you have internet and cable!!! Does this mean we can make a chat date??

Shelley said...

Finally an update!! Glad to hear you are settling in!! We have ALWAYS had carpet under our dining tables...dumb apartments!

Aunt Vam said...

On ravelry.com there is a pattern for a crocheted Snuggie. check it out!

citymouse said...

I'm with you on the Dyson. I have no luck with vacuums... even when I buy a "good" one, they crap out on me. So I am currently on a run of cheap vacuums. Carpeting in the dining is almost as bad as carpeting in the bathroom. Craziness!

The Retired One said...

So glad you are getting back to "normal" (notice quotation marks).
And yes, unwrap Edward and get him on one of those floater things in the pool, will ya? I know he isn't supposed to be out in the sun, but you can put an umbrella over him or something...or put a pocket in your pool snuggie for him!!

Shell said...

Yay for internet and cable! I want someone to throw cake at me. I'd be totally okay with that.

Lauren said...

I also want a Dyson, but I don't see that happening anytime soon :(

Anonymous said...

I miss you!! Many smiles while reading this. And I just have to say that, as you know, we have carpet under our dining room table also. I think the previous home owners were stupid, too.
Love ya!

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