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Friday, February 19, 2010

Keyboard Confessions

Every week I sit down and confess some things.  Mostly it's just an excuse to write a list.

1.  I was so hungry this morning that I succumbed to the temptation of a hot breakfast at the diner next door.  I ordered two scrambled eggs and two slices of bacon.  It was $3.00.  It occurs to me after the fact that I could've paid $3 for a whole dozen eggs at the store. 

2.  This is a bit like when I go to a gas station and buy a 20 oz. Diet Coke for something like $1.39.  Highway robbery considering I could've paid the same amount for a two-liter. 

3.  Oh no.  I'm turning into one of those people.  Those people who complain about how much they paid for stuff. 

4.  We had Valentine's Day candy in our house.  It was a gateway drug to birthday cake.  I am now back where I was at Christmas.

5.  Curse you, Valentine's Day themed chocolates.

6.  Almost everyday I wear some copper earrings. Now my earholes are green.  I'm kind of scared about this.

7.  Also, I'm pretty sure I'm turning into a hippie.  Guess how I know this.  Ok, I'll just tell you.  Because I'm about to order a bracelet from this site for arthritis.  At least I'll be semi-stylish.

8.  To grow my hair out or cut it short.  That is the question.

9.  Also, my Hubs is disgusted with me over angst over my hair. 

10.  Confession- I don't know how to use mousse without having ultra crusty hair which breaks up when I run my hands through my hair which then makes me look like I painted my hair with dandruff.  I just said hair three times in that sentence. 

11.  Do you remember as a kid looking through a magazine or watching a TV show or movie and telling your friend "I'm her"?  My kids do this all.the.time.

12.  If that were really true, then I would have a household of Miley Cyrus, iCarly and Cinderellas. 

13.  Who would I be?  Hmm.  In honor of my buddy, Jim, I would be this cool girl:

14.  Except, I wouldn't run around with a nail in my shoe or get shot and die in every episode and I might consider wearing something that covered my midriff.  But that's just me.  I'm pretty practical, you know.

15.  Or maybe I'd be this girl:

16.  Janice from the Muppets.  It could totally happen.


18.  One of these Keyboard Confessions is not like the others, one of these Keyboard Confessions just doesn't belong, can you tell which Keyboard Confession is not like the others by the time I finish my song? 

19.  Oh my stars I need a vacation.

20.  *burp*  'Scuse me.  Eggs make me burp.

Happy Friday, my friends.


Sara said...

Oh My Word. There's so much here I don't know where to start. 1st. Justify the cost of breakfast because you didn't have to cook OR clean up and therefore your VALUABLE time was saved. 2nd. Stop using mousse and try curl enhancing gel. 3rd. Janice from the Muppets rocks. Finally, sometiems I only comment to stay on your top commenters list. And because I'm a stalker.

Jenny Bunny said...

Another issue with Aeon Flux... Her clothes don't cover her hoo-ha or boobies hardly! You would have to totally revamp the wardrobe!

Also, you are funniester.

Shell said...

I love your randomness.

I complain about how much things cost. All the time. Especially if it is something that dh bought.

Saint Schizophrenia said...

I paid $2.50 for a dozen and a half eggs this morning and also got some Hilshire Farms ham for $2 off the sale price of $3.99.

You should go shopping with me.

Insanitykim said...

Double sided sticky tape works best for that outfit...I wear it out when I go buy eggs...

Aeon has some great hair product...we should find out what it is. I hear sculpting your hair into ram horns is all the rage these days...

Aunt Vam said...

An Alaska Reality Check for you to cash... Eggs here start at $2.99 a dozen, don't even look at the bacon!

But, I won't budge from this beautiful place, not for all the cheap eggs in the world!

Much More Than Mommy said...

That was a good deal on a breakfast that makes you burp later in the morning. And I totally see you as Janice. I always liked how when everyone was done talking, you could still hear her and she'd say the funnest things. So you. ;-)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I like your comment on mousse, because I am the SAME WAY. WHOA-- so we have the same work phone and the same thoughts on this not-so-convenient hair product?

Confessions From A Working Mom

Too Many Hats said...

Hahaha - I think you are onto something with that gateway drug theory. Perhaps you need to do a little more research. Next time I eat chocolate it will be in the name of science.


buy bigsexyhair for your hair. it is crunch-free

The Pipster said...

I loved that Janice muppet. I haven't seen her since I was like 4 or 5 and I am 37 now. Cool.

w said...

eggs do not make you burp. they make you fart. i know this, unfortunately, from experience. both mine and yours.

you know what they say about being dressed properly in a restaurant? no shirt, no shoes, no service?

well. aeon flux would have no problem with service seeing's how she has a shirt and shoes. just. no pants.

The Retired One said...

I had forgotten about the Janice muppet! Eggs aren't so bad for you..it is the bacon and chocolate that will getcha!

SLGraffoo said...

I myself splurged on DunkinDonuts breakfast sandwich. I feel that I am paying for the assembly and the protection of those donuts.

I was drawn to read this by the aeon flux picture. And then, seeing miss muppet, well. wow.

you should try one of those VO5 hot oil treatments on your hair. do they still make those? Ive never used one, but they sound promising.

robin said...

I totally hear you on the mousse thing! what is UP with that? Maybe to get it to look good we need to include like.....2,000 other steps like fluffing, blowdrying, and flipping our hair upside down a abunch of times WHILE doing something else beauty like. i just do not have time for that. alas, i am stuck with weird hair. atleast we have hair i guess.........

Shauna said...

good luck on the hair decision. don't you wish we had the kind of hair those dolls had that you could cut their hair, and then you could pull more from their scalp to make it long again? I wish my scalp could do that, without the pain and blood.

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