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Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Thursday! and other important messages from Captain Obvious

Hi!  It's me!  Today I don't look like me, I'm more reminiscent of a headless chicken, but I assure you, aside from the spurting blood and wayward feathers, it is me.

I'm uber busy today.  But I had to take a sanity break before blue pens found their way into the eyeballs of innocent passersby who I'm most certain would question why the need for blue ink in the legal world?  To which I would calmly shrug and say "Weird, I know, right?" and go about my day. 

So during my brief and much needed sanity break from the Chaotic and Complicated Business of The Law, it's time for:

and today's question brought to you by the fine ladies at Confessions From a Working Mom and The (Un)Experienced Mom is...

What are the Top 3 reasons why you blog?

Excellent question.  Let me think...*taps cheek thoughtfully*

3.  Sanity.  I've already used this word.  Three times.  Count if you don't believe me.  Sanity.  Now that's four.  Sanity sanity sanity sanity sanity sanity.  What number am I at now, huh?  ...maybe the sanity thing isn't working. 

I love blogging because, like any other normal (haha normal, me, normal hahaahahaah) persony figure, I've got all kinds of words and thoughts and junk just sort of roaming around my head like fireflies (don't you hate that song?) on a hot summer night.  They need to be released from the trap that is my mind else there will be firefly poop everywhere.  And everyone knows what they say about firefly poop. 

...actually I don't know what they say about firefly poop.

2.  Learning to write.  Yes, I am one of the myriads of blogger people who want to make it as a writer.  When I started this humble journey two years ago, it was on what is now the social outcast known as Myspace.  And it was fun, churning out crap like my Ode to Laundry and writing about the first time I used a lawnmower. And amazingly, people were saying things like "you should be a writer!".  All three of them.  I know.  I was so overwhelmed.  And so what if one of them was my mom.  Shut up.  She's got good taste, all right?  *deep breath, calming down*  So I thunk to myself one day, you know, I should just start up a blog as an experiment, just so learn how to write. 

And that's what I did.  So I write and learn.  Rinse and repeat. 

1.  I know I should say something about friendships, because it's completely obvious that I'm a total copycat and that's what everyone else is going to say.  BUT I'M NOT.  HAHA.  GOT YOU.

The comments. 

Seriously.  This is so true:


I know I'm supposed to say really zen-like stuff like I only write for me and don't need to know if people are reading yada yada blah blah but you know what?  Apart from the stylish word zen, that's really just a pile of crap.  Because I love comments.  I love to read what you think.  If you laugh.  If you sniffle.  If you are grossed out.  If you also love Janice the Muppet.  I love getting to know you fine readers through your comments.  And I'm trying super hard to comment back, so you can feel the lurve. 

Thank you Confessions and (Un)Experienced for this!  And if you want to grab the button and play along, be sure to link up your post with theirs!

Happy Thursday.


Sara said...

Yo. You could write a book and I would buy it. If you write a book about firefly poop I will wait until it's on sale at Amazon though. Just sayin.

Shell said...

LMAO @ your last one. Here, I'll feed your addiction.

I love comments, too, though. I accidently turned comments off for my post this morning and it took me a while to figure it out. I was going to cry b/c no one was commenting.

Tiffany said...

I like yours! I sound too mushy in mine. Dang!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Comments or not, you're a dang fine writer. I love reading your practice!

connie said...

I don't have a blog, because I always feel like my life is boring and I have nothing to say...then I have one of those "truth is stranger than fiction" days and wish I had one. *sigh*

w said...

you're blogging for comments... from me. i know this. i'm like the ultimate comment genius.

i'm going to quit my blog. and facebook. and twitter. all at the same time. it'll be like i dropped off the face of the earth. preparation. and preparationh.

angie128 said...

You even did a post all about me once on your blog. And it was before we "knew" each other. But you blogged all about me thinking I was a stalker. I remember thinking that was totally hilarious.

PS - This is a comment. You're welcome.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Hahaha, I love how you called MySpace a "now social outcast". I remember when it was bigger than Facebook. What happened? I blame Twitter :)

Confessions From A Working Mom

ModernMom said...

LOL Yes, we all lurve the comments! Well done. It does feel good to get it all out there!


i will say it - i thought janice was a little whor-ish. just a thought.

The Pipster said...

I like Beaker. I also have all sorts of random stuff floating around. Some days though, I sit and think, "What do I write about today?" but then I just pound it out. Nothing long..always short and sweet.

Insanitykim said...

I know what they say about firefly poop.

But I am not gonna tell you.

Anonymous said...

love your transparentness here. you are so open and honest

robin said...

HA! yesssssssss you do it for the comments. and you will be a famousy writer one day. you will be on good morning america even! ree drummond was on this morning and she is one of my favorite bloggers. you rock babe.

ModernMom said...

Hey Me again! Yes you won! Woo Hoo But I can't find your e-mail address:) Can you please send it to me so we can chat?
modern mom at rocket mail dot com


The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

I think MySpace is for the "young" kids now. Guess that means I'm old, huh?

And what's this about firefly poop?!

Thanks for playing...


Anonymous said...

I blog for the same reasons that you do! Ive read through a few of your posts and am very glad to "meet" you! Thanks for joining us over at SITS...I look forward to reading more of your posts. I am going to add you~ I hope you do not mind!


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