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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My glutes are still recovering from Friday

What happened Friday?


Yes, Homecoming.

It wasn't the dolling up of the daughter who was a Homecoming attendant that was so difficult.

It wasn't the driving at breakneck speeds to be there on time.

It wasn't even the pressure to take good pictures for family members who would most certainly ask for a photo.

It was sitting on the wooden bleachers.

*painful stretch*

I discovered after about 20 minutes of sitting that bleachers were most likely made for:

*Gumby or other very bendy people

*Small folks who do not require much room

*Children who are naturally wiggly and at home in confined spaces

*People on crack

They were not made for people who:

*Have legs

*Might be just a tad overweight

*Don't enjoy sitting with knees and elbows and shouting, cheering, jostling crowds around them

*Are me

And I had to sit through 2 basketball games sitting on those torturous wooden bleachers. And there was much cheering and shouting and jostling. And knees and elbows.

But, it was all worth it when I saw my oldest child on the arm of My Hubs, looking all Christmas Princessy with her rose.

Isn't she lovely? Rhetorical question, requires no response but "Yes, she is a vision of beauty".

Two hours of painful bleacher sitting = worth it.


angie128 said...

First, how pretty is she?!

Second, from the mother of a volleyball player who has spent many a torturous hour sitting on bleachers, I feel your pain.

Jenny said...

She's gorgeous!

I hate bleachers too. My fat seems to spill off in odd directions......

Jenny said...

P.S. I like the new blog.

geelizzie said...

Yes, she IS absolutely lovely! I also like the way your husband is so proudfully looking down at her.

Insanitykim said...

Awwww lovely-ness! Sorry about your butt. I should have put a donut in your package...

Much More Than Mommy said...

She looks so pretty!! I'm sure it's worth every ache and pain you're still having!

w said...

she's so sweet. and very homecoming beautyish.

also. did you germx the bleachers you sat on? because people do other things on those than sit. yeah. now i bet you're even more uncomfortable.

The Retired One said...

She truly is a little beauty...and look at that dress! A vision!!! Soooo cute! Wonderful memory for you to cherish.

Shauna said...

if you stuff your jeans full of sandwich bags full of pudding, it seems to pad things a bit. Bonus: snack time whenever. Con: if a pudding bag pops and it's chocolate... then it looks like you pooed yourself. Pro: then you won't have elbows and knees coming at you from every angle!

She looked gorgeous and dad looks proud!

ScoMan said...

Wow. If you were an 84 year old man I'd swear you were the client I had today who had a sore back because he had been at the high school watching his granddaughter do something.

Although your daughter looks a bit young for high school.

It doesn't matter if you're 84 or 24 (see what I did for you?), those seats are not designed for people your size. You need to be 4.

Whammy said...

She.is.not.this.old. Really. Really?

She's gorgeous.

Samantha said...

So sweet! She's beautiful, but you know that. Merry Christmas Kearsie.

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