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Well, inquisitive reader, let me answer. I am a wife, a mom and I have chronic bad hair. I like made uppy words and Unnecessary Capitalization. If you know who the guy in the bottom right picture is, you're probably my best friend. Also, I own several Edward dolls which I write about HERE. No, I don't use drugs. By the way, if your love canned tomatoes, visit my stash HERE.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Keyboard Confessions

1. It's weird doing my confessions here on the new blog.

2. It's like I'm throwing my first dinner party in my new house and I still can't find the table linens.

3. Guess what? In real life I don't own any table linens. I am ok with this.

4. For my birthday/Christmas, my mom and Gma gave me the New Moon Edward doll, a pack of toothpicks, some dental floss, a tiny crochet hook and some crochet thread. I love that I'm in a family of enablers.

5. Tonight, my 2nd grade daughter will be a Homecoming Princessy person. So proud...*wipes tear*

6. I think I can finally relate to those crazy moms with daughters in beauty pageants.

7. Guess what? One more Christmas gift to buy and I'll.be.done. But don't be too jealous, then I have to finish some knitting. And felting. And then wrapping. And then some baking. Yeah, you're not jealous now, are you?

8. Ever heard of geocaching? It's so much fun. Except guess what? It's not so much fun when it's 20 degrees outside.

9. I super hope I get a Snuggie this year for Christmas. I might even do some geocaching in my Snuggie if I get one.

10. I am about 3 songs away from being Christmas songed out. Also, I'm fairly certain that the DJs who play non-stop Christmas music self medicate. If you know I mean.

11. I have vampire teeth. Or werewolf teeth. Or some kind of monster teeth. Like, my canine teeth are super duper long. Except guess what? I don't like to eat meat much. It's a big waste, I tell you.

12. My Bestie sent me her Edward doll. That is friendship and trust, I tell you.

13. And another Edward doll is on a trip. That is scary, I tell you. What if he gets lost?

14. For that reason, I kept the scarf at home. Because, dude, I'm not knitting with toothpicks for three hours again. Maybe.

15. I lent out all my Twilight books. It was to keep me from sinking into it's vampirey depths again and living in a Coma, but now I miss them.

16. Only my Bestie understands this. That's why she's my Bestie.

17. Remember when I said I was going to not cut my hair for a year? Yeah, I was lying. I'm going to whack it off as soon as humanly possible. Because it is on.my.very.last.nerve.

18. Also, you cannot be cosmetically challenged and grow out hair whilst living/working/shopping, etc. in public. Nay, it's not a good idea.

19. You know Pavlov's dog? How he ate when he heard a bell? Well, I'm fairly certain that as soon as my ears hear Christmas music and those sleigh bells ringing it works like hearing a bell and I immediately start putting on weight. This could be a case study. I could get rich and famousy by doing this case study.

20. Until then, I think I'll snack on these sugar cookies and attempt to fix my hair.

Happy Friday, folks.


Anonymous said...

What are you felting? I'm currently washing a sweater and really, really hoping it doesn't felt! I guess if I really really cared, I could have hand washed it.

Dawn Mathews said...

I have an insanely wonderful idea. Why don't you send your Edward doll around to different peep friends via snail mail for an international Edward vacation. They could receive him, take pics of him doing funny things in funny places and then send him on to the next peep. You could post the pics for all to see. If you decide to do this, send him to me before April 25th and we will take him to vacation in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. Imagine Edward seeing two of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World in one week. (Giza Pyramids and Petra) He would ride a camel with us, ride the cable car to Masada and (with your permission) float in the Dead Sea. We would also let him put his prayers in the Wailing Wall. What do you think?

Insanitykim said...

You might want to try using your pointy teeth to piece soda cans at parties, just to add some pizazz to the evening. Use diet soda tho, so you don't get all sticky...

ModernMom said...

Your list makes me think I need to check out those Twilight books! I am so far behind:)

soundsliketomatoes said...

Oh, ModernMom, you are in for a treat. Also, you will want an Edward doll. You will. I promise.

ScoMan said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Be careful, once you start relating to those beauty pagent mums it's a slippery slope. Try to keep your head above water.

I think I'm down to one Christmas present as well, so I'm not jealous. We're on par. And I'm not knitting. I win.

Hater Von G said...

Picture of your teeth please?

Lori Gail said...

Love the new digs! And even though I'm not your Bestie I totally understand!

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