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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My next steps

So.  If you're keeping up with this here blog, you know that:

a) I found out almost two weeks ago that I had breast cancer
b) I had an MRI to see if there were still tumahs in za breasts and
c) I was thinking about getting a double mastectomy

What we've found out is this:

a) The MRI was clear.  This isn't 100% b/c MRIs aren't all that dependable, there still could be cancer cells in there somewhere (the Ductal Carcinoma In Situ kind) but still, the MRI was clear.  Ish.
b) I'll meet with an oncologist on Thursday.  She'll be the one to set me up with genetic testing to see if I test positive for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene.  Important for both myself and my daughters to know.
c) I'll have the double mastectomy on June 30th.

I will also have reconstructive surgery at the same time.  Right after the general surgeon does his mastectomy thing, the plastic surgeon takes over and does his reconstructive thing.  I sound like a medical journal, huh?  I'm pretty sure they toss about the word "thing" too.

Reconstructive surgery is where the plastic surgeon places these little "expanders" behind my  chest muscles, expanding the skin slowly over time to make room for future implants.  It's a very lengthy process.  The expanders are filled with saline and will have more and more saline injected every week or so.  But, this saves me a whole surgery by combining the two.  I probably won't be ready for the implants for 6 or more months.

As of yet, there is no talk of chemo.  That may change when they start digging around in my lymph nodes and checking for cancer activity.

So, one chunk at a time.  One procedure at a time.  Until then, I'm buying smaller shirts.

P.S.  Let me tell y'all about this awesome thing that my friend, Allison, started.  You know those pink wristbands?  The ones you can personalize?  Well, she ordered a huge quantity and had them personalized to say PRAY FOR KEARSIE on one side and STRENGTH. FAITH. HOPE. along with a little breast cancer ribbon symbol.



B.Kiddo said...

"tumahs in za breasts"

I don't know how to write in Arnold, but you need to do this one, too...
"My body. MY choice!"
(it's the movie where he has a baby)

Also, seems like great news so far (well, for how great it can be, knowhaImean?).


Also, I love you.


Also, this is Bridgette.

Candy said...

Good news sooo far like you say little chunks at a time. You are making great decisions. I am praying for strength and perpective for you and so very glad they are moving quickly. love and hugs. After this is all over and you are feeling up to it we ARE planning a trip!!

w said...

you don't have to have new bosoms by the time we go on our cruise. because we're doing the moons. so. woohoo stayin' up late til 9:45!

Beth Zimmerman said...

That is beyond awesome! I am so amazed at your strength and humor as you face your personal Goliath! And the MRI report sounds like very good news! Here's hoping for more miracles!

From Tracie said...

That is super awesome! yay for good friends like Allison!

Yay for MRIs that are clear-ish!

Yay for being able to combine the two surgeries!

And mostly....lots and lots of prayers for you.

angie128 said...

A haiku for you:

I'm praying for you
You'll kick cancer in the butt
Or should I say boob


Anonymous said...

I'm so unoriginal - I want to ditto everything "From Tracie" said!

Aunt Melissa said...

Praying for great news after June 30th for you and your family.

Nicki said...

I am a breast cancer "survivor" diagnosed with Stage 0 DCIS in June 2009 and just completed final stage of reconstructive surgery in May 2011. It has been a journey, but one that has surprisingly given me more positive lessons to enrich my life. My prayers and thoughts are with you as you begin your journey....

Shell said...

Been thinking about you and sending prayers.

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