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Friday, October 8, 2010

Keyboard Cone-fess-shauns

Most weeks, I sit down here at my trusty computer and jot down random nonsense in a list format. Sometimes it's confessions, sometimes it's drivel.  It's anyone's guess what today's will be like.

1.  Through the miracle of technologicalaciousness, I am once again updating from the Apple store.

2.  Through the process of hermitness and nonupdateness, I have lost many a blog follower.

3.  Through the awesomeness of PMS cream, I am not crying about this.

4.  Through the somethingness of not eating after dark, I have dropped five pounds.  Or approximately 3.7 muffins from my top.

5.  It's getting chill-ay here in the Coloradoes.  This means that in the mornings, you shiver and wrap up in hoodies, and in the afternoons, you swelter if you stand in the sunshine.

6.  I've dropped red meat from my diet.  I feel gooood.

7.  Except sometimes I eat ribs.  Because I'm human and ribs are gooood.

8.  I'm such the innovator:  we are out of cereal and oatmeal for my kids' breakfast.  So I whipped up a batch of pancakes and froze them, so they can have hot pancakes each morning for breakfast.

9.  Also, they will probably fall asleep each morning in school from a carb coma, but whatev.  The point is, I'm an awesome mom.

10.  I like grilled cheesus.  But you know what I like even more than talking to a grilled cheesus?  Eating said grilled cheesus. Because cheesus likes to be in mah belleh.

11.  I'm meeting Hubs for lunch today, sans children.  It's almost a date.  Except we only have like, 55 minutes to be romanticky and sweet.  Also, budgety.

12.  Prepare for self-pumpupedness next week when I post pictures from my latest crafts.  Or, bring caffeine, lest you fall asleep whilst reading my words.  Also, self-pumpupedness is not being noticed by the spell-checker thingy.  I've finally conquered you, automatic spell checker thingy!!  Muahahahaaha.

13.  My Hubs is hot.  I'm not going to show you a picture though, because I don't want you to drool on your compy and sue me for water damage.

14.  We are aging well.  Also, I've spotted like, nineteen gray hairs in my coif.  I'm slathering on more PMS cream lest I cry about this.

15.  Also, I turn 35 in like, a month an a half.  I will be wearing black that day and handing out carnations for my friends and family to toss into my future coffin.  I'm so morbidy.

16.  That's ok, one more step closer to the cheaper side of the menu, in my opinion.

17.  I am whipping out these KCs like hotcakes.  Or, really fast.

18.  I'm dying for a Diet Coke.  Budget or no, I must hook myself up to a DC IV.

19.  Also, I've caught my first cold here in the Coloradoes.

20.  Lest you think it's more glamourous here, let me assure you that it's still coughing and mucus.

Have an excellent, mountainous, Glee-music kind of weekend, my friends.


Shauna said...

your confessions always make my day. always. and I love November birthday peeps.

Shell said...

PMS cream? I must investigate. Might save my marriage. ;)

Marisa Hopkins said...

I promise I wont burst your innovative bubble by saying I make pancakes and freeze them, too.

robin said...

your first cold in the coloradoes? suck! hope you feel better....

Anonymous said...

PMS cream? I too would like to know about this even though I don't need it. I like to know things. And your made up words make me happy.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Well ya haven't lost ME!!!

What is pms cream?

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