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Monday, November 1, 2010

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blogpost to bring you breaking news

Ok, so it's not exactly breaking news but whatev.

So it's November 1st.  November shall be an interesting, challenging and very different month for me.  Why, you ask?  Well, inquisitive reader, let me tell you.

November is all about two things.  Well, really more like three or four things, but for sanity's sake, let us just touch on two things.  I hope you've washed your hands.

1)  NaNoWriMo.  It begins today.  That means for the next month, I shall write my novel, piece by piece, bit by bit, word by word, iTunes playlist by iTunes playlist.  It shall be a writing fest.  Or, a tool which drives me over the edge and I lose my mind, wearing my bra outside my clothes and eating clothespins dipped in mustard.  Whichever.  My goal every single day is to hit a word count of 1,667 words.  Some days, I'll be full of the words, spilling them here onto my trusty Mac, ready for the next day.  Some days, I'll be sitting here plucking my eyelashes, desperate for words to smack me upside my head.  I shall keep you abreast of the situation.  Also, I shan't use the word "abreast" ever again.  *washes eyes*

2)  Today also begins the day that my Hubs and I embark on a journey of low-carbness.  His doctor recommended the South Beach Diet for him, and as I'm a kind of gal to jump on the wagon with you should you hurdle down the road of weight loss, I am joining him in this endeavor.  Also, it's just way too hard shopping for two kinds of meals.  I'm nothing if not simple.  So today, after I sit here at my Mac, writing all this nonsense to you, I shall stand up, get out of my pajamas, clean up a little (because my mind likes a calm and soothing atmosphere and I'm tired of tripping over shoes), I shall sit back down to my computer, write a bit, then I shall head to the kitchen, where the magic happens (diet magic, although I'm not opposed to other kinds of magic, like laundry magic or toilet cleaning magic) and whip up some breakfasty things for me and Hubs to grab in our crazy busy lives.

I know, my life is so riveting, you're dreading the end of my post, wherein I close the door to my life, leaving you wanting more.  I know, kind friend.  But never fear, I shall be back tomorrow, with more drivel and nonsense and updates on writing and diet magic.  I am so benevolent, aren't I?

So, should you want to join me on either journey as above referenced, let me know!  There's room on my wagon for more.

Happy Monday.


Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

You mean we shouldn't wear our bras outside our clothes? Best wishes on writing your novel!!

Sara said...

I am considering joining you in your endeavor. Except my book is a stupid romantic comedy fluff piece that I hate. So far. Also, I'm sick, and chicken noodle soup without noodles is just chicken soup and therefore, lame. By the end of the week I plan to be on board.
Good Luck.

Dee Crowe said...

dang..I just got done eating a mcrib...but I've been slowly losing weight over the summer and need to lose about 20 more pounds..I'll join you in the journey..because, well I'm tired of doing it alone...

Also...clothespins are best served with ranch dressing...

Shelley said...

Gotta love every day, run o' the mill shiz! Good luck on your low carbness! I give you props. I will never give up my carbs!!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Clothes pins dipped in mustard and your bra outside your shirt... I can already tell this will be a super awesome month and I can't wait to hear of your writing adventures!

My only NaNo tip - don't let a day or two go by without typing... in order to hit the 50k you'll need to average about 2k a day... miss a couple days and the words add up fast! Also, week two and three are the hardest because the novelty of writing a novel usually wears off by then. But keep chugging, because when you hit that 50k is is nothing but SWEEEEEET success! I know you can do it, Kearsie! I'm so excited that you have signed up! GO YOU!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...


My goal is 30 push ups in 30 days.

As of today, day one... I can do five.

I'm not proud.

The Retired One said...

Wow..one of these is challenging enough but BOTH!? May the Force be with you! My daughter is participating in the writing thing. She has one novel already trying to get it published and is starting another one with this project. YIKES!!

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