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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day Four: NaNoWriMo and South Beach

So.  It's Day Four.  You're dying to know my thoughts on said day.  I shall appease you, because I am merciful.

NaNoWriMo:  As you can see by my word count over there ---> I'm doing ok.  Not spectacular.  Not incredible.  But ok.  Kind of like my haircut right now.  I'm praying for inspiration and genius to strike me, for plot and structure to flow through my neatly trimmed nails/fingers.  I'm hoping for good music to inspire me.  But I can't shake the feeling that I'm quite possibly a giant poser.

For fun, here is the song that inspired my little story.

Such a fun song.  Kind of like the voice of my main character.  Now if only I could figure out what's going to happen to her...

South Beach Diet:  Also going well.  You know, the Hubs and I were talking last night about the last time we did the SBD way back in 2005.  I think we fell off the wagon early, probably because of a holiday or a vacation or something fatty and caloric.  And what the difference is between that previous endeavor and now.  I think the biggest difference is that we're doing this new way of life/eating for health, not just to look high school skinny.  Although, I wouldn't turn my nose up of I dropped oh, say 60 lbs.  It could happen.  Shut up, yes it can.

I think the biggest element of success this time around is planning.  Now, I'm not a good planner.  Sure, I like my lists and writing lists and carrying lists and thinking of lists.  But using said lists?  Not so good at that.  I lose my list.  Or fish it out of my bag to find my list folded up with a wad of gum stuck in the middle.  Or with kid snot on it.  So at the grocery store I wing it most of the time.  Or I plan a craft.  Say, sewing a queen sized quilt (this is a true story).  Except, I get to the fabric store and have nary a clue just how big the dimensions are for a queen sized quilt.  And so said quilt really becomes fit for a twin sized bed.  I'm just not good at planning.

But this time I had to kick that planning in the butt.  So I planned and set out all our meals.  That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I know what you're thinking.  You're feeling overwhelmed by it all, frustrated by the whole idea.  I know, sweet reader.  I understand.  I normally feel this way too.  My husband says the word "plan" and I get the hives.  But this time, I don't know, it's just working.

Now, I'll be realistic and admit that it's just day four, there's plenty of time for temptation (like the fresh Krispy Kreme today at work or the myriads of Halloween candy in my kitchen) to kick me around and beat me into submission.  But I feel different this time.  Stronger, maybe?  Determined?  I don't know.  But I like it.

A quick recipe:

Pinto Beans with Salsa

You'll need:
Crock pot
Bag of dried pinto beans
Jar of salsa

Wash beans.  Soak beans overnight.  I did this using my crackpot.  In morning, drain beans, pick out the gross stuff like rocks.  Put back in crock pot.  Empty jar of salsa (I used a big jar).  Fill same jar with water.  Add to beans.  Cook on low for 12 hours. 

My beans could've used a bit more water, but the family seemed to enjoy them.

Bon Appétit.

Back to NaNo...


Marisa Hopkins said...

Your book and my book will totally be BFFs, because I have not one, not two, but THREE Roisin Murphy songs on my NaNo playlist.

Also, when we're published, we are totally going on book signing tours together. Just so you know.

The Retired One said...

I would die on the South Beach diet. I am addicted to carbs. In fact, I could give up protein/meat easier than carbs. Woe is me. I have not found a perfect diet. Weight Watchers comes close because there are NO forbidden foods..you just gotta measure/weigh them and count points, but dang it if you want a toasted English muffin for breakfast, you can have it. So, I have been contemplating WW again. But I wish you so much luck, and you sound so wonderfully determined, you are an inspiration!

tristan said...

I appreciate that you cook with a "crackpot" instead of a crockpot like boring people like me.

BTW, I'm reading the Twilight series. Read the first two in two days. Number three is halfway done. :)

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