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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10: NaNoWriMo and South Beach Diet

Day 10.  A week and a half in.  So let's get to it.

NaNoWriMo:  It's fitting to me that I'm about to bust through the 20K word count tonight, making my deadline that much closer.  As I told my good writing friend, it's official.  I've become obsessed with writing.  Today, I treated myself to lunch today at Qdoba (naked burrito) whilst out doing a bagillion errands and the entire time, I kept thinking about my main character and all she's going through.  It's a wee bit painful, because she's at the pinnacle of despair, her whole world is kind of collapsing.  I have to go up for air quite frequently, so that I can view her from afar before I plunge back into her world.  Very intenseish.

South Beach:  8 lbs gone in just 10 days.  I'm throwing a party when I hit 10 lbs.  And only serving hummus.  You're all invited.  It'll be a BYOB.  Bring your own bottle...of water.

Today was also painful on the food front because I had to make a food that was red for work tomorrow.  So I made sushi rice krispie treats.  It's rice krispie treats formed to look like pieces of sushi, wrapped in red fruit roll ups, Swedish Fish on top for nagiri, red sugar crystals as sesame seeds.  My awesome buddy and pal, Winn, is the inspiration behind that particular madness.  I'm pretty sure that I'm never going to get the butter off my hands.  It was, in one simple word:  sticky.  Very very very sticky.  Here's hoping they go over well at work.  Also, I forgot to take a picture.  Because my hands were covered in butter.

But I didn't cheat.  Not at all.  Not even to pop one tiny red sugar crystal in my mouth.  And for that, I'm kind of proud of myself.  Because two weeks ago?  I might've licked the counter clean of all the spilled sugar.

Hope your Wednesday is humpy and lumpy like my sushi.


Marisa Hopkins said...

You = rock star. Just sayin'

The Retired One said...

So, so proud of you!!

MiMi said...

The writing? AWESOME.
8 lbs in 10 days?! AWESOME.

Clemson Girl said...

That is seriously impressive...the writing and the losing weight. Wish I had your will power.

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