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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Days Six and Seven: NaNoWriMo and SBD with a sprinkle of DST

Man I love me some abbreviations.

I'm combining Saturday and Sunday together b/c dude, nothing exciting enough happened to warrant a special post for each.  Also, it's weird updating the bloggage today, as I never do on the weekends.  I might have to do other weird things today, like pluck my eyebrows and dust my baseboards.  Wait, I better not get too ahead of myself.

NaNoWriMo:  Still plugging right along.  Like my diet, I fear this next week will be me repeating over and over "Dude, I am SO OVER THIS".  I must stay the course and blah blah keep writing blah blah write write yada yada waaaaaaah.  My word count is doing just fine though.  Not anorexic at all.  But it could definitely use some protein.

Aaaand segway to next, um, segment.

South Beach:  Diet is fine blah blah not cheated yet blah blah.  Man, I need some cake.  No, I need some Twizzlers.  No!  I need a Diet Coke!  Yes!  That I can have.  One nice thing:  I perched on the scales, held my breath and thought nice light thoughts of down feathers floating gently in the breeze and saw that in 6 days I'd lost 6 lbs.  Not too shabby.  It gives me enough drive to see what the numbers will be by the end of next week.  Also, I'll bet a piece of cake weighs 6 lbs.  Shut up, yes it does.  *repeats to myself over and over*

Today I must make more Baked Egg Cups.  Seriously, such an easy recipe, easy to store in the fridge, easy to pop in the microwave, easy to eat.  It's just plain easy.  And, I ate the last one day.  So.

Daylight Savings Time:  Oh haaaaiii, DST, thanks for waking me up bright and early at 6:45 a.m.  I want to like you, but I fear me waking up earlier in the day will only force me to be either a) way more industrious and cleany housish or b) spend way more time wasting the hours on the computer, throwing blankets of guilt on my conscience, hating your guts.  Let's hope for a), shall we?

Happy Sunday.

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Marisa Hopkins said...

Haha, yeah, in week 2, the novelty totally wears off. And in week 3, the story becomes a phantom of crap haunting you at all times. But if you stick through to week 4, miracles happen and suddenly your book rocks your socks and EVERYTHING will be worth it when you hit 50k. Also, butterfies fly out of your heart and circle the sun. It's a very magical moment, I'm telling ya.

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