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Monday, January 28, 2013

Brussels sprouts...the candy of vegetables

So recently The Hubs and I have been keeping a keen eye on our health.  Because when we dress in the mornings (or, um, mid afternoons in my case) and we see this great big sack of sludge hanging over our jeans, well, it gets a bit depressing.  And whilst we've partaken in just about any and all means of dieting, frankly, we're gluttons and cast the whole endeavor aside so we can enjoy or cake and bacon in peace.  Mmm...cake.  Anyways, we decided to keep a food log and watch calories.  What a drag!  you say.  I know, my sympathetic friends, it is quite the drag.

Thankfully, we've been using an app on our iPrecious called Lose It, which is a place to log any and all food and drink items so you can see at the end of the day what a fatty you are what you've ingested.  It's very handy, this app, very easy to use.  You can search for foods found in grocery stores and most restaurants.  You can even scan in the bar code on the box or bag your food is in and it will log the calories/serving sizes in your phone.  Easy peasy mac and cheesy!  Also, you can log exercise, but, um, I've not used this feature too often.  Ahem.

This past weekend, Hubs really craved red meat so he bought us some good steaks and marinated those bad boys for a whole day.  It was my job to come up with a side item.  However.  As we had dined at Five Guys earlier in the day I only had a select amount left for my calorie availability left.  What was a hungry girl to do?

Enter Brussels sprouts.

Little, dainty, cabbage like veggies.  Can be boiled, roasted, steamed or raw.  But raw is just ick.  Probably there are a billion ways to prepare these guys, but I decided to roast them.

First I washed well.  Peeled the outer layer.  Cut off tough stem section.  Chopped in half.  Placed on foil lined cookie sheet and doused with olive oil.  Sprinkled with salt n peppa.  Placed in 400* oven.  Cooked for 15 minutes.


My husband was a bit offended as we ate.  We did not rave at his delectable steak with pink oozy juice flooding our plates, speckled with Really Good Meat Seasonings and Such.  Nay.  Instead, we all sang the praises of our Brussels sprouts.  At one point, I raised my arms in a Victory V, in celebration of this tasty masterpiece.

For real, y'all.  They were awesome.

Did I get a picture?  Heck, no. I was too busy stuffing my face.

In the immortal words of Dr. Dre...WE OUT.

P.S.  If you're here visiting from my buddy and pal, Lemonade Makin' Mama- Welcome!  Also, I'd offer you some Brussels sprouts but guess what?  I ATE THEM ALL.


Anonymous said...

Roasted Brussels sprouts - my absolute fave! And to think I hated them as a kid! Linked over from LMM, glad to find you!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...


as for watching weight don't remind me

i'm trying to get this 6th baby weight off and i have promised to be good since dec 1 and then jan 1
now my goal is friday feb 1

Jensamom23 said...

Okay...you have convinced me to give brussel sprouts another try.

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