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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is it too late to diet?

We're going on a cruise!!

I've never been on a cruise.

I mean, I know people who've been on cruises.

They say they're fun.

I'm hoping I'll be feeling like this:

But because I know me so well, I'm probably going to be like this:

In any case, we're going a cruise and I'm just now starting to pack.  Also, I probably should have tried on all my clothes before this week.  Oops.  I'm hoping the Bahamians, er, Bahamites, um, Bahamamicians won't point and laugh as I walk by.  Surely I won't be the only white girl walking by looking like a busted open can of biscuits.  

Also, to make things even more complicated, I've begun no-pooing.  Not that poo.  I'm still a big fan of that.  What I mean is only using conditioner when I shower to help my curlz do their thang without...whatever shampoo has to offer.  Or something.  It can't get any worse, people, so why not try this?  Also, I'll let you know when I've come back from the Capitol of Humidity and if I looked like a clown.  

Peace out.


w said...

that 2nd picture looks just like the ones we draw for "seasick" on draw something. remember that game? i quit playing. obvi as it's been my turn for 273 days.

sometimes i don't wash my hair for a couple days so that the natural oils can replenish my follicles. idk if anything i just said was correct terminology.

"no-pooing" sounds like this in my head: do you not know that i've had diarrhea since last easters?

Tracie Nall said...

Cruises scare me. So I will now be worried about you until you return.

The no-poo thing makes sense. And it sounds smart. I have been meaning to try it....maybe I will wait to hear how it is working for you.

Have fun on your vacation!

Samantha said...

Wow, so am I! First time as well, we're leaving in a week and a half for the Caribbean. I hope we both have awesome trips.

Also loving the illustrations. :)

Marisa Hopkins said...

oh man, I want to go on a cruise but I get so sick on boats. Bleeeeech. But I hope you have fun!

I'm going to Jamaica next month and I'm quite excited. Also, I'm excited that it's not a cruise, although i hate planes, so that part isn't amazing.

The Retired One said...

hope you have better luck than those Carnival cruise people recently had. LOL We went on one to the Western Carribean islands about 19 years ago...had a great time until the very last night when the huge huge meal is served on board..it was so rocky I got motion sickness and it was so windy no one could walk on deck. LOL But had a great time. You will love it as you are a great observer of people. Can't wait to hear your stories of your adventure!

tristan said...

cannot wait to hear how it was! we have one planned for april and i need ALL the insider deets.

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