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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Confessions

Time means nothing anymore, so who cares if I post this random list today instead of tomorrow?  Not I, I say.

1.  My garbage disposal is called The IN-SINK-ERATOR.

2.  I find this awesome.

3.  I find it disturbing that I'm still laughing about it.

4.  Tomorrow, I shop for groceries.  You know something is super wrong with your life when you're super excited to actually get out of the house to buy groceries.

5.  Also, I'm buying black grapes for 49 cents a pound.  You'd be excited too if you had this bounty to shop from.

6.  We're having a house guest soon.  I suppose this means I need to put on real clothes instead of wearing jammies all day long.  Man.  Such work.

7.  You know your life is super exciting when you're knitting yourself a dishtowel to match the rug you lockerhooked.

8.  This post might be hazardous to your health.  Do no read while driving or operating heavy machinery.  It's so sleep-inducing.

9.  Also tomorrow?  I'm sucking down the biggest fattest Jamba Juice ever.  Don't get in the way of me and my cravings, I tell you.

10.  I just found out that two other people I know have garbage disposals called The IN-SINK-ERATOR.

11.  I am no longer laughing.

12.  You know what though?  I'm pretty peckish.

13.  Shall I have a pb&j?  Or turkey with provolone cheese with mustard?

14.  These are the exciting things I have to decide.

15.  Later on, I'll get to decide do a dark load or do a white load.

16.  I don't blame you if you want my life.  It's pretty rock star.

17.  I don't think this whole staying home thing is taking to me.

18.  If I walk for 20 minutes, I can buy myself a Diet Coke.

19.  Ooh, another choice to make:  shall I go to the library tonight to pay my 30 cents fine or go tomorrow and pay 40 cents?

20.  Man.  Maybe I shouldn't write this bloggy stuff until something more exciting happens.  I'll get back to you next year.  


Miss Mandy said...

Sometimes the blog world is my only contact with the outside.

Yes. I'm aware that I'm actually IN-side while reading them.


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh to be you... LOL My life is bland by comparison. Just today the biggest choice I got to make was, "wear the blue shirt, or the gray." I think we need to get out more.

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

I believe we are living parallel lives, except I don't have an insinkerator.

The Retired One said...

One of these days I am going to start a random thoughts special on my blog too...you inspire me. Because I love your quirky thought process (it is a process right? Please tell me it is a process??) and how your crazy humor makes me smile..I may just do it in your honor and hook up a shout out to your blog when I do it....
I just have to master having more than one random thought in, say...six hours or less first....

w said...

wait a minute. this all sounds like our phone conversation from earlier today. or really. earlier yesterday. since now it's after midnight.

we're both still up playing frontierville. but because i'm out of energy - and i refuse to buy more until i have enough for the feast of 60 - i'm here commenting.


Much More Than Mommy said...

Insinkerator reminds me of motivator. I don't know why.

Creative Junkie said...

In my little world, nothing beats a good pb&j, which is *always* made with Jif peanut butter.

And we pay $1.99 a pound for grapes. That should make you feel better!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...




Flucky Mom said...

Sounds like you're as excited to be a SAHM as I am. Most days are mundane but nothing that a nice glass of wine can't fix. I'm also excited to shop for groceries tomorrow -- helps pass the time. That's why I don't shop with a listen, so I can just go up and down the aisles until I decide what to get. FUN!

Kassie said...

I'm still laughing ;)

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