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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am feeling lucky

I've won TWO, count 'em, TWO giveaways this month, as well as Employee of the Month.  So I figure why not go whole hog and enter this smokin awesome giveaway by one of my most favoritist authors ever.  That'd be Maggie Stiefvater, for those who don't know, who don't listen to me yammer on about her all the live long day.

Also, real quick- so I had this dream?  And in it, Maggie S. and her buddy and fellow awesome zombie author, Carrie Ryan, were at my Costco.  Yes, that'd be the Costco in the booming metropolis of Louisville, Colorado.  Yes.  And they were shopping.  Yes.  Just work with me, people.  So, Mags and Carrie are roaming the concrete aisles of Costco when I happen upon them and become completely and utterly uncool and fangirly and swoon over all their oisome books.  And then I tell them all about my teeny work in progress.  Or "WIP", which is the writer's way of sounding all professionalish and importanty whilst talking about their works in progress.  I gotta sound the part, you know.  So I'm going all Swim Fan on them about my WIP and they're just staring at me.  And then Mags goes, "So what's your word count right now?"  And so I tell her.  And she and Carrie sort of glance at each other and give each other this look, which is all fraught with meaning and then Maggie tells me, "You know, I don't think you're cut out for writing."  Maggie and Carrie exit scene.

There you have it.  My dream/nightmare.  Which is what happens when you eat too much pizza before bed.  I am a cautionary tale, my friends.  I'm pretty sure in real life if I happened upon these two awesome ladies, we'd all be best friends and name our kids after each other and I'd be Godmother to at least two of my namesakes.

SO.  I am pining and jonesing to win something from Maggie S. and her newest giveaway which is where this post comes in.  Thank you, persistent reader,  for reading this insanely long giveaway entry thus far.  You are a gentleman and a scholar!

First things first.  So Maggie (I love how I just toss about her first name like we're all besties) is about to release her third and final installment of the Mercy Falls Trilogy.  Which is about werewolves and kissing.  Which you should clearly already know about or you must live under a rock.  Or we just don't hang out enough.  And so, feast your hungry eyes on this amazing video which is the Forever trailer, put together with the genius hands and brains of Maggie, herself.  It's pretty amazing.

Now, I talk about books quite a bit here on za blog, because they are my cocaine and life and hopefully future career.  This blog is really just to keep my fingers limber.  So let me reiterate.  If you've not read Shiver, Linger and don't know about Forever yet, please locate them henceforth immediately and get your eyeballs to those pages, folks.  They are awesome.  To purchase Forever, head to this link.

Carry on with your days and nights.  I'll be the one with a book in my hand, occasionally thinking about eating a piece of cake.

Happy Wednesday.


Marisa Hopkins said...

You know what, Kears? I don't think you're cut out for writing.

JUST KIDDING! (I was trying out what it feels like to be all Maggie-like - well, the Kearsie's nightmare version)

GO YOU!! I hope you WIN! *crosses fingers* *crosses toes* Luck be a lady tonight! Oh wait. Luck be a shiny golden ticket in Maggie's giveaway!

Sara said...

I hope you win!! Also, I might check out these books.... because you apparently have awesome taste in reading material. Ahem.

From Tracie said...

I have not heard of these books, or Maggie and Carrie.


Don't shoot me, or um, throw tomatoes at me.

Clearly we need to spend more time together.

(Don't be scared, I'm not a crazy stalker.)

I hope you win!! (and that you share your cake with me when we start spending more time together)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Yes!! Now I have new book to check out! Oh, and by the way... we actually talked about YOU when we were gone this weekend as a bookclub!! For reals... as we were sitting there in the CAfe, looking at Charlie and Bella's table.. we noticed they were selling Edward dolls at the counter (which is slightly out of place in a cafe, you must admit) and we started talking about Adventures with Edward and how much we all love you. I was like, "Yeah.. well I'm actually friends with her!!" I think they were all really impressed.

Shell said...

Wait!!!! There is a third book???

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