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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welp, it's time for another update from yours truly.

You know, let me aside for a moment before I jump into this long overdue post.  "Yours truly".  Just what exactly does that mean?  What if I'm not being true?  "Yours white lyingly"  "Yours just kidding"  "Yours had you going there".

Also, I talk like I'm cranky because I am cranky.  Just call me Cranky McCrankerson.  It's because I've not had a Twizzler in (carries the two, divides by soup cans, multiplies by no cable television) A WHOLE MONTH.

Also, I'm so over all this dumb chemo biz.

So, it's with joy that I announce my last chemo will be this next Tuesday.  Although, it's hard to look forward to Tuesday knowing how lousy I shall feel once Tuesday comes.

I'm over it all.

I'm over heating pad burns on my arms that take weeks to heal.

I'm over having no hair.

I'm over two week long periods because my girly organs are freaking out.

I'm over runny noses, and mouth sores, and feeling like my stomach hates my guts (get it?  hates my guts?).

Let me take a quick break so I can change my lousy attitude.


Ok.  Just took some happy pills.  Aka, Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies.  Little discs of chocolately pleasure.  I was going to save them for my husband, but, clearly I needed them more than he did.

Where were we?  Oh yes, all that poison and vitriol spewing from my fingertips.

Tell you what.  Why don't I highlight the good?  Yes?  Ok.

1.  I'm back at work.  This is nice.  My employers work with my crazy, bizarre, erratic chemo schedule.  They're way supportive and encouraging.  And I get paid.  So.  It's awesome.

2.  I had my last expander fill.  I no longer have problems sleeping on my stomach.  It's a wee bit weird when I bend over and the liquid sloshes around, but, whatever.  This is temporary.

3.  I'll have my "exchange" surgery sometime in November.  Switching the expanders for silicone implants.

4.  Pinterest.  The most addictive website ever.  Are you on it?  Are you a Pinterest Addict?

5.  Glee is back on.

6.  I'm sewing again.  Sewing stuff That's Sew Rad.  <--- my future etsy.com shop name is hidden in that sentence.  Betcha can't figure out what it is.  Also, I bet someone steals my uber cool shop name.  Alas.

7.  I'm in love with this song:

Such a nice message this song has.  Seriously.  Yet I lurrrrrve it.

8.  NaNoWriMo is just a couple of months away.  My wee novel is demanding attention.  Remember the excerpt I posted?  Well, I got lots mores to writes, yo.  <--- an excellent example of grammar and elocution.  Is it any wonder I tries to be a writer, yo?

9.  I still have eyebrows.  *High fives*

10.  I've been organizing Chez Murphy.  *Low fives*  Also, ask me how The Hubs feels about me organizing Chez Murphy?  Soon I shall highlight all my mad skillz of organization.  Also, I stole some ideas from Pinterest.  That's the way I roll.

Peace out, people of the innernets.


Marisa Hopkins said...

Not just the song... the vid, too. *drool* I'm in love with all of them. Also, the video sorta doesn't go with the lyrics. And by sorta, I mean it totally doesn't at all. But in a good way, since I'm all OMG FOSTER THE PEOPLE LOVE LOVE LOVE (which reminds me... I made you a CD. MUST MAIL IT)

YAY to all those positives!! And yay to all the negatives coming to an end soon!


Marisa Hopkins said...

While I'm sitting here, just listening to Pumped Up Kicks on repeat, might I add: YAY!!! NaNo!!! I totally forgot to comment on that but I am SO excited for you. And for me because I'll finally get more to read. Also, guess what? I am attempting NaNo sans outline this year. You will have to coach me through it.

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Been thinking of you...I'm so glad to hear that chemo is almost over! Sending big hugs!

angie128 said...

I think about you a lot. But I'm not a facebooker so I don't really hear the latest. So I'm glad, now, I did.

And I love that song too. And those boys are hawt.

I haven't checked out Pineterest or whatever it is because I feel sure I'd become addicted and I don't need another addiction.

And I'm glad you are turning a corner. And getting better every day.

Because I think you are awesome.

The end.

From Tracie said...

Pinterest is totally addictive. Kind of like chocolate chip cookies.

Loving the name for your Etsy shop. You are safe from me, my lack of sewing abilities makes stealing your name no help to me.

I want to read more of your novel! MORE!!

One last chemo treatment to go. You are rocking this thing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you. I've never met you. Yet, when there was no update, I worried. Thanks for squashing my worry and updating. :)

If I could, I'd send you a case of Twizzlers.

Hooray for Tuesday!!!!

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